Saturday, January 26, 2013

Route Change - Heat Avoidance

Boy, what was I thinking!   The route I had mapped out was 4000 miles round trip and went through Utah  and Nevada before hitting California.   I began checking average temperatures and I quickly decided to take a rain check on that idea.  

I reduced the trip considerably and we are now debating that idea.  We are thinking about my plan that I have mentioned several times, utilizing the great deal in New Mexico State Parks.   The non-resident pass is $225 dollars a year and that is a camping pass.  It entitles you to entrance into all parks for camping, water and use of a dump site.   Electric is $4 more per day if you choose.

I have found a total of 10 NMSPs that have wi-fi which we will need.   Three of those parks are at altitudes of more than 7000 ft which would provide cool nights if not cold.   We now have our mammoth solar panel on top that would provide ample power for our needs including our electric blanket at night.  We would use the parks at lower elevations in the beginning of summer and continue to climb in altitude as the weather gets  hotter.

Another advantage would be the  amount of miles not being driven and reducing our fuel expense for the three months.   We will be able to concentrate on the great outdoors instead of being distracted by big city conveniences taking hikes, learning more about wildlife especially birds so I can catch up with my brothers.   We will also entertain the use of Natl Forests along the way depending on altitude.  

I just need to escape the heat of northern Mexico for the summer, it's not about money although if we can live cheaply even better.  


  1. Does the NMSP annual fee include the daily camping fee?

  2. Sounds good, unless they are over crowded and turn visitors away. Do they take reservations? I'd hate to drive 250 miles, then find a "campground full" sign.