Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This Is Mexico - More Cold Weather?


Last week was miserable, at least at night.   We hit 0C once.   Fortunately with the minisplits, gas radiant and electric blanket its not so bad.   We didn't use all of them at once but I love the electric blanket.  I know some people like cold when they sleep but I can't stand a cold head and nose.   And no, I won't wear a hat to bed.  

Saturday came and it started to warm up.  Yippie!  Sunday was even better and I sat out in the sun to warm my bones.   Here it is Tuesday afternoon and the sky is turning black and cloudy, the air is chilled again and it is supposed to rain.  Yippie! 

This is Mexico.  In August it is so hot the snakes and scorpions try to get in the house or the pool to cool off.   The cats shed like crazy to avoid the heat and I hunkered down in the bedroom with the air conditioning on.  Did I mention the fact that the water in the pool after July is so hot even the kids don't want to get wet.

So I ask, What is the deal with all the cold weather?  Climate change?  Mother Nature's revenge?  Must be something and I wish it would stop.

I also found out today that once you retire in the U.S. and decide to go back to work, you can earn a measly $15K, after that they reduce your benefit by 1 dollar for every 2 you earn.  Sounds like a socialist country to me.   I guess they want everyone to join in on being poor.  No thanks Uncle Sugar!


  1. That business about earning a wage once you retire is the pits! We're much better off volunteering ... no wages (no 1099's to deal with either) and often get a full hook-up in exchange. The benefits of turning 65.. or 70.... are pretty minimal unless you've secured your nest egg. As for the weather... you don't even want to hear the 4 letter words in my vocabulary these days.

  2. Pretty warm here in Zihua! We could use some cooler temps - looking forward to getting back to Villa Corona for a bit before hitting the beach again.

    Nothing beats an electric blanket!

  3. Chris, Social Security is not a retirement system in the USA. You are supposed to plan and save for that. All it is is a supplemental benefit for those who never bothered to save. So if you start earning again you don't need the help.
    So it is the opposite of a socialistic system. Take care of yourself and you don't need the govenment helping you.