Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All I can say is that the laptop was in the shop, there were some minor issues with the wifi and that has kept us from posting.  We are ready to take off this morning heading for Guadalajara.   Here are "some" of the wonderful people we know or we have met and now are great friends.   Rvers seem to have this type of comraderie but rvers in Mexico even more so.  We are a special group.  We shared a lot of stories, our lives, the good and the bad, and we now know each other even better.   In many cases we are have made good friends for life and that just keeps the draw to Mexico even tighter.   We want to thank Sal and Barb for putting up with us and having such a magical and wonderful place for all of us to come and enjoy this great country.   We love Valle de Juarez and we love Hacienda Contreras.   

 Peter and Barbara from Germany who we hope to visit in April and May.  The nicest people we have met in a long time.  They are very good hosts and opened the door for us to Europe.

The winter would never be the same without meeting up with Croft and Norma.  They keep us in line and never have any good parties.   According to Norma, Croft and I have one thing in common, our imaginary internet friends! 

Brian and Sue are think are Mexicans in disguise.  They have been hanging around the country forever.   I met Brian a couple of years ago on RvNet but never had met in person.  They have a lot of experience, seem to be quiet at first but look out!  Like all Mexicorvers, party animals and they always have good snacks.  We are very glad we finally met them.

 My favorite picture of the year, Norma and I singing "Guadalajara".  Priceless!  Thanks Norma.

And these guys need to get on the whip and start writing their book on Mexico travel.   Kevin and Ruth have been giving advice to many Mexico rvers for a couple of years.  Kevin's reseach is incredible and they have found many boondocking and economy rv spots throughout the country,

 In the end, it was a great trip and it isn't over yet.   We head to Guadalajara for the rest of the week and I will fly to D.F. for a two day meeting and will meet up with Mexico writer, journalist and politician Darren Popik for dinner and conversation.   Sunday we will start our three day trek home.  

Remember that any Mexico rver is welcome to our house, we have a 30 amp for small rigs and if you are a big one you can stay at the resort we belong to which is in Montemorelos; pools, tennis, new bath house, club house and more.   Viva Mexico!



  1. Great photos, we are happy to be part of such a great group of people!

  2. We love you guys too. And to all of the RVers, your friends and ours, who got me through this first sad holiday season without my dad, the biggest thank you ever!!!!!

    Happy new year and safe travels through 2013.

  3. Great post Chris! Yes, we had some great times here at HC, thanks to Barb and Sal for making us all feel so much at home. We are going to miss you guys but I have to start the "drying out" process.

    See you down the road!

  4. Well, I am glad I did not read this before you left. It was hard enough just saying goodbye! Thank you for your sweet words.You and Juan are such kind, fun and genuine people. Adding you to our wonderful group of friends is sure to be one of this year's highlights.
    There is something magical about Hacienda Contreras. Barb and Sal seem to attract like-minded people who love and enjoy Mexico to the fullest. This begins the foundation for many special friendships. We treasure them all!
    Safe and happy travels, amigos, until we meet again! We are going to miss you like crazy! xo xo

  5. Ahhh - guess we left much too early! We definitely missed some good times!

  6. Any chance of a detour to the Isla? Not possible I know but still a dream. So glad the past few weeks have been so special for you.