Friday, January 18, 2013

Rvers Come For A Visit
I received an email from David and Marina last week wondering if we could help them with a boondocking site here in our great state of Nuevo Leon.  They were interested in going to the cenote about two hours from the house in the municipality of Galeana.   I not only gave them the info they wanted but also invited them to stay for a couple of days here at the ranch. 

They took us up on the offer and they arrived Wednesday from Laredo in their VW Westy.   A super cool van and one we have been considering although there are few left on the continent.   They met me at the Soriana on the northside of Monterrey.   This is a good meeting place as it is easy to find.

First order of business was to get them connected to the internet by purchasing a Telcel SIM card.  The kid at the mall was more than helpful.   Marina has an Apple pad and only needed the SIM which costs 200 pesos plus you receive 50 pesos of airtime.  They bought 3G of time which lasts 30 days.  The guy who helped us spoke English, did all the transactions online and by phone and also showed them how to open the webpage so they were good to go.   Took 20 minutes.  I will use him again.

We had a blast for two days.  We are experiencing a cold front so the nights are down to freezing leaving frost on the cars and the grass.   We went for a hike yesterday at Parque Nacional Chipinque.  Unlike our short hike with Kevin and Ruth, we actually started at the visitor's center and worked our way up.  It was a lot of fun and we talked about all kinds of things.

Last night we sat around the living room by the fire and Dave gave us a photo tour of Chiapas, a trip they took a couple of years ago.  Dave and Marina have traveled extensively and know a lot of places around the globe.  

They took off this morning and I hope they enjoyed their stay.  I told them they are welcome back anytime whether or not we are here.  The door is always open, mi casa es tu casa!  They are headed to San Miguel de Allende and then for a stop in Hacienda Contreras.

Many people are surprised that Mexico has national and state parks.  We even have state parks with camping areas, palapas, restrooms and electricity.

The Westy parked in the driveway (they slept in the house, it was so cold)

A brown titted whiplet (correct me if I am wrong)

Cerro de Las Mitras on the other side of Monterrey.

 Another symbol of Monterrey known as the "M"

The visitor's center and restaurant.


  1. Nice...we remember them from Playa Zipolite!

  2. Gee - hope the three of us can make it to your place some time - maybe next fall - pencil us in!