Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day Drive Down South

Motorized hang glider over Allende.

Got up early this morning at usual and read my RvTravel news letter.   I made sure everyone was awake and made the announcement that I wanted to go for a ride to see some of the lots we own to see what is up with them.

It turned out to be a beautiful drive.  We stopped for breakfast, read the paper and continued on our route.  As a side note, in the local newspaper was a large write up about how the situation has changed in the rural areas of our state.  Our new state police department is doing a kickass job and extortion is all but disappeared, kidnappings and murder rates have dropped significantly.   All the rural municipalities have hired retired military higher ups to run local police departments and it appears tourism is up and people are returning to their weekend homes in the country.   Hunters have been out and about for the last three months and many coming from south Texas.  Let's hope the trend continues.

We went to our place south of here where we once had a 40ft travel trailer.   Things look good and the views are to die for.  A neighbor is building a house, mind you there are only 27 lots, so that makes six houses in the small now gated community.  Kevin and Ruth remember the big palapa there and we are thinking of staying there for a week to clean up our lot.

Moving on from there we headed further south to our place at a resort where we bought two lots.  The place is gearing up already for Semana Santa.  They are painting, grouting pool tiles, general maintenance all around.   Many members have built houses and some with pools even though the club has three large ones.  It is really looking good.   We hardly ever go there but we do like to invite family for a weekend camping trip to get the kids out of the city.

BTW, all rvers are welcome to come and stay here.  We always have passes that are good for one night.  The palapas are very nice, have grills, lights and electricity (15 amp).  Just let us know and remember you don't want to be there during Semana Santa!

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