Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff

If this were another country the U.S. would have intervened by now, toppled the government and jailed the hooligans. Funny isn't it!
The "Fiscal Cliff" has reprocussions that not only affect Americans today. Think of how this will affect us in a global sense. The world is watching one of the greatest governments in the world make fools out of it's citizens. How many people will or are suffering from decisions being made by two political parties that are at each others throats.   They aren't thinking about us, they are thinking about themselves and their party.  Will they suffer any consequences if they don't take care of something that they have had over 14 months to fix?  Of course not, they will continue to receive their salaries, bonuses, benefits, to adnauseum.  How did we let this happen?  How did we as a people allow our "public representatives" to lose sight of their jobs and their responsibilities.  Afterall, they work for us.   
Have your local, state and federal representatives lived up to their campaign promises? Why are we sitting by passively watching them play "Monopoly" with our hard-earned money?
You should be angry but I guess life is still too good that we can't see what is happening.  I recall a conversation with a Hungarian friend who told me about his country and fascism.  "It happened little by little.  We didn't even know it was happening.  Then, one day, we woke and found ourselves under the control of a fascist dictator."

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