Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Weekend In Breve
It has been a wonderful six weeks but we are heading home today.  We enjoyed all of our sta ys and will continue to over the next three days.   I will keep this short, the wifi signal is only good at the office here at San Jose del Tajo in Guadalajara.

This is a shot of one of our youngest academic consultants.   Peter gave us some commercial information on material that has been written for the Mexico market.   We did this for two days, ten hours each day.   It was tough but it is over and I won't have to do it again for another two years.  As I said the other day, I won a good six month contract with travel opportunities that will also give us more travel money.   We want to go to the Big Apple in February and then to Germany before summer hits.

As I told our friends Jerry and Paula, the best restaurant in Mexico City is La Strega.  Here is the maitre`d prepared my martini at the table.  The best martini in Mexico.

Here is the finished product which I savored before dinner.

The violinists played all night.   They played my favorite of course, Canon in D.  Tears, pure tears.  However, I wasn't able to share it with the person I wanted to.

Finally heading home, this is a view of "part" of Mexico City.  Enormous, overwhelming, inviting, friendly, cosmopolitan,  . . . . .

Here we are this morning in San Jose del Tajo.  Nice park in terms of its setting, location, and friendly people.  It is a love/hate relationship.  If I had 150,000 dollars I could make wonderful changes.  But it looks like in the next few years it will hit the chopping block and become 300K dollar homes.


  1. I love when music brings on the emotions (but it is better shared) whether it be just the mood of the music or an old memory. Martini shaken but not stirred ;-) We are definitely going to hook up with you mucho bueno amigoes. In life you become friends with others sometimes because of similar interests, job, etc.. then there are the people you just ... well.. just like muchos, like an old friend you have known forever :-) Hasta leugo amigo. Derek.

  2. Love this post. What a restaurant, only in Mexico. Glad you are together again but sadly heading home.

    Great news ont the 6 month contract. Congrats. NYC is my most favorite place in the world.