Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Off To Sinaloa


I got a call last night sending me to Sinaloa.  I will arrive in Los Mochis today and work there tomorrow.  Then it is a short drive to Culiacan where I know I will be treated well and also have some good food!   After Culiacan, another short drive to Mazatlan where I will stay until Friday afternoon.   I hope to meet up with Colin and Contessa sometime Thursday.   I read their blog, know people who have met them and now it is my turn to meet the famous 5Cs. 

I'm sitting here at the Monterrey airport.   I left the house at 12:30 and pulled into the airport parking at 13:10 thanks to all the new changes in town.  Not bad for driving through a city with 5 million people.  Not one stop light all the way, 30 pesos for the autopista and boom, here I am.   62 kms.  

We got an email from our German friends we made in Hacienda Contreras, Peter and Barbara.   They should be at our house when I get home Friday night or sometime Saturday.  We are looking forward to their visit and show them around our neck of the woods.

BTW, I call this work but this is very easy.  Groups of 100 to 150 teachers for four hours and I know the subject like the back of my hand.  I guess hardwork and study does pay off.

5 p.m.
Here in the D.F. airport.  Had a salad for a late lunch, 50 pesos.  Not bad for airport food prices.  Now the AeroMexico terminal has lots of food choices, even a 7 Eleven, prices are a bit higher as the rent here is astronomical. 

My flgith leaves in another 40 minutes.   We had a small problem on the flight from Monterrey.  As the food cart came down the aisle, some guy started getting up.  They tried to get him to sit down but he insisted on going to the back of the cabin.  They moved the cart so he could get by thinking he needed to use the head.   He stood around in the back.  The flight attendant took note of his seat and reported it to the captain.   As the guy went to the back, they stowed all the liquor up in front, not sur why or what he said.  He acted strange the whole flight and kept hitting the flight attendant call button.   I pictured having to subdue the guy and taping him up with duct tape :)

8:30 p.m.

As we say in Spanish, "installed in my room".  The rep for the area picked me up on time.  Had an uneventful flight except for the cocktails.  I had one, she said to tell her when to stop pouring.  I did, it was a normal drink.   This is a two hour flight from D.F., so I asked for a "freshen up".   She came back with a full glass of vodka apologizing that she had overfilled the glass.  She asked me if I wanted her to throw it out. I said, "no way".   I sipped on it and finally gave it up and asked for a coffee.   

My room is okay for Los Mochis, not my usual but I have a king bed, excellent wifi and cable.  Room service just brought me a very good chicken breast with steamed veggies and a diet coke.  Now for some down time.  I took some pics from the trip which I will post tomorrow.


  1. "hardwork and study does pay off." That's what my mother always told me!

    Say "Hi" to Contessa and Colin for us.

  2. We know that you will have a good time with Contessa and Colin, they will definitely look after you. Say hi to them from us as well. Also say hi to Peter and Barbara when you see them at the end of the week.

    Kevin and Ruth