Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kicking Around A Summer Trip

I didn't do squat today.   I got up early, went to the gym and stopped by city hall in Santiago to pay the property tax.  It was a whopping 1620 pesos, almost broke the bank.  Yesterday I had to pay the car tax and tags, that was a truly whopping 3290 pesos and that was for the VW Pointer.  Next year that will drop down to 800 pesos.  The SUV was 800 pesos because it is now getting old.

I spent the morning working on a possible refinance on the house in San Antonio.  Market values are so low in the neighborhood it is sickening.   However, because of that the person I spoke to said the default rate was so high that we may be eligible for a new rate.   She said a year ago may have been more difficult than now.   It comes with a price but could be well worth it.   That is why "I am hoping something good is happening".   We bought the property to help so meone out with the idea we would sell it a year later, well you know what followed.

On to brighter matters, as I sat around thinking about money matters I thought "plan a trip".  That is always something fun to do.  Summer is free this year and I have been wanting to head out west in the U.S.  May not be such a "hot idea" because the last time we passed through Arizona it was 35C at 5 a.m. in the morning and you know how I hate rv air conditioning.

The thing is, we have so many people to see out there;  West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California.   I am open to suggestions.   I am thinking we should take a route north through Texas like Hwy 385 to Colorado and then cut across.   Juan has never seen San Francisco and Sequoia Natl Park where I once worked as a kid.   Then we could come down the California coast and make a dash for Mexico to avoid the August heat.

Another issue is leaving the cats at home.   As much as I love 'em, they are a pain in the ass being cooped up in a travel trailer for more than a day or two.   Maybe an outside room where they can romp around.  Still checking that out.   Leaving them at home would be way to much.   As much as they like to spend time outside, the also love to be by our side.   I'm too soft I guess.  

Anyway, post your ideas and comments.  I never delete one unless it is spam so have at it.


  1. In the USA I like National Forsts & some National Parks. If you are >62yrs old get a Golden Eagle pass that gets you free admission & half price camping in these areas.
    Big Bend has high elevations & cool summer weather as well as Carlsbad Caverns. CO is very cool in the summer and if you know where to look lots of free camping on BLM land. Head up to Rocky Mtn Park and then North to Yellowstone.

  2. In trying to escape the heat last summer (don't drive the OK panhandle) we went to NE NM for a while, then N. on 285 to Buena Vista to visit friends, then up to Vail and W. around to Basalt to visit more friends. Then you can head to the coast when you want.

  3. Why not an outside room for the cats. Something like a large dog pen with a roof on it. You can't leave them behind but you could carry an easy and light weight set up for every few days. We carry 3 foot high plastic mesh from Home Depot plus some rebar stakes that we make into a pen. You would of course have to add a roof of some sort. Perhaps a tarp. The big thing will be to make the entire project escape proof.