Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Someone Asked Me Again


We took off from Matehuala early this morning without a hitch.   Well, not really.   Las Palmas is an older rv park and hotel and the rv park doesn't get used  much.  The place is immaculate and very well maintained.  The wifi is super fast and can be accessed from anywhere on the property.  So we were ready to leave and I wanted to dump the tank.   I stuck the hose down the hole and pulled the trigger.  At first it flowed as smooth as silk and then it started backing up and out of the drain all over the parking lot.  I couldn't stop it and when it finished I hosed down the area the best I could.   We stopped by the office to check out and I let them know the mess I had made.  They were  very apologetic and said not to worry about it.

We were waved through two checkpoints and the day was truly fantastic, beautiful skies, good roads, great company and music that Jerry and Paula had downloaded for us to listen to on the trip.  It was loaded with songs about Mexico.  We had a blast singing along.

We took the road from San Roberto to Linares over the mountains.   The whole route is new road and the views are incredible as you can see from the pictures below.  At the intersection of Linares and the Hwy 85 there is a city park called "El Nogalar".   We have always wanted to stop there to see if we could spend the night.  They have a small tourist office in the park and they gave us the green light.  They said the park is secure, has a guard at night and the entrance gate are big enough for double wide motorhomes to pass through.   There is a large Soriana at the intersection and the town has lots to see, one place in particular is the Ex Hacienda de Guadalupe.

We headed home from there and just as we were 25 miles from the house I was pulled over by a federale.  He came out, shook hands and said he wanted to check the registration.  I got out and showed him the VIN number and he checked the title and my license.  He then asked where I was from and where my name came from.  I told him Yugoslavia and then he asked the big one, "¿usted pertenece a algun circo?"   "Do you belong to a circus?"   We made it home safe and sound, pulled the rv into the driveway without a problem.  Colder than a well digger's ass in April.  0C is the forcast for the next four nights.

Turn off from the 57 north to Linares

Heading up the mountains towards the west.