Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Looks Like We Have A Winner

Short comment today.  Watching Hillary in action, I think we have a strong candidate for president.  Now, it is convincing Americans that a woman can do the job.   I am from neither party, but I believe the U.S. needs a strong president that will take action, kick ass, and take names later.   She is a real go-getter and proved that as First Lady. 

On another note, I still don't feel good about social security.   Penalizing someone from earning money because they retired and may need to return to the workforce because the banks are crooks and screwed everyone they slept with.   Socialism penalizes people for making money.   I'm against that.  

I am fortunate in that I always felt I had no option but to take care of myself.   I have or will have SS from both countries.  I know people though who have fallen prey to a bad economy, a bad banking system and a congress that continues to use SS as a petty cash box.   No one can predict the future, and trust me, I am a free market believer but don't make me pay into a system that dictates how my money will be used and when I will get to use it.  By the time I am 65 they will raise the age to 80.

If you are fortunate to be collecting your "stipend", count your blessings.   I may never see it.  The future for boomers is looking slimmer everyday.   There won't be shortage of cashiers or greeters at Walmart.


  1. I have always believed that Hillary Clinton would someday be the president of the U.S.


  2. Funny we mentioned that at our book club yesterday, talking about strong women.

    Colin and I have no pensions to look forward to other than Old Age and Canada Pension Plan of which I was to start collecting this May. Now I have to wait another five years to start collecting or the small amount I would get would be reduced about 50%. So we work and we play. When the money runs out, back to work. Interestingly Colin has been asked to do 3 small jobs here in Mazatlan.