Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun Saturday!

After our new friends left yesterday, I decided to get the rv road ready again just in case.   I cleaned out the refrigerator and Juan washed the bedding.  We have flannel sheets and I think they have met the end of the road.  My foot got caught in a small hole and made a bigger one.  That fixed,  it happened again.  But before buying new sheets I think we need a new matress.  We have the original from the factory, not bad but not like the orthopedic we had in the smaller Fufi.

This morning I woke up early and piddled on the internet and setup the flat screen from the trailer in our new tv room attaching it to a laptop to watch U.S. news and local news.  It works great.  We have a projector too but until we can get it mounted on the ceiling and all the cabling for the stereo I like this setup.
The water heater petered out or so thought.   Turns out it was the regulator on the tank.  Got that fixed and back in business.  

We headed downtown to the Theater of the City for a talk on the history of folkloric dance costumes for the state of Nuevo Leon.   I thought, okay, I'll bite.  Turns out it was very interesting and I learned a lot.  Plus, we saw some other dancers from the Fiesta Mexicana dance troupe.

On our way home my reward for being a good participant in today's activity was a lunch out.   We opted for Chili's.   I haven't said anything yet but I gave up carbs for 21  days.   Working good so far except for the drink.   I had a soup and salad.   I have to say that I feel much better and also notice quite a difference in stomach relief.  Carbs make you a bit gassy.  Right, I know, TMI.

Time for a movie!

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  1. Just found out yesterday that Sleep country in Canada now makes RV size mattresses. We loved the king bed we got back in the fall and yesterday I ordered the same mattress but as a shortened queen ( 60 W X 75 L) for $850.00. A mere $100.00 deposit and they will hold it for us till the end of April. The mattress we have in here now is from 2001.