Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ada, Ohio Day Two


I recovered nicely from my stressful trip from Mexico to Ohio. It really is a beautiful place here and Winter, even though it is cold, is really something to see. I couldn't imagine not having grown up in Midwest Winters, sledding, shoveling snow and keeping warm inside the house. Being from a family of ten, we always found ways to take advantage of the snow. We even trapped rabbits for pets and did some hunting although I was never really fond of that.

Yesterday was a busy one. I met a lot of the staff in the arts department, went to a practice run of Mexican folkloric dance and did quite a bit of eating. Why can't we just get together over a glass of water?

As I mentioned the other day, I am staying at The Inn at ONU. It is a very beautiful hotel and pays close attention to the details. They have treated me like royalty and have done a great job both in terms of service but also meals. Here is my room: We had a birthday party for Juan at El Campo. I told you that yesterday. Here is the group.

Again, last night, we went to Christine's new house. She bought her house here in Ada two years ago. Actually she built it. It is really something and she is one the nicest persons I have ever met.

There is also the wonderful scenery around Ada. The weather has been pretty stable around 16F at night and 25F during the day. It is warming up this week with highs around 45F with rain on Thursday. But, I know why I live in Mexico.

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