Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Black Tank Repair

Bill added a comment the other day about whether I had found a solution to my black tank fix. I went to the Evaluation Center for AXA Insurance here in Monterrey last week. They agreed to reimburse me for the damages if I were to get them fixed in San Antonio. There was no repair facility here in Monterrey so they agreed.
I went to San Antonio last Saturday. It was a great trip and I really didn't want to go there with the trailer. The road was calling me and I wanted to head West on Hwy 90. But, life is life and we all have things to do.
I got the two estimates, one for 1400 dollars and one from Camping World for 2049 dollars. The insurance opted for the 1400 and I am happy they did. It is just three blocks from my rent house in SAT.
I had checked with Cruiser RV and they told me the tanks were made by AmeriCart which sold off part of their production to Weave something or other. They are now out of business. Americart says they no longer make my tanks but the Texas RV Supply says they got a replacement for both.
I went ahead and dropped the trailer their today and lets see what come out of it. Worse case is I have my trailer in storage for free until I return to SAT on March 1st.
San Antonio
I guess I have lived in Mexico for too long now. I no longer feel at home in San Antonio. It is a beautiful city but just too crazy for me. Right, wierd coming from a guy who lives in a Mexican city with over 4 million people. But anyway, the traffic, the lack of courtesy, lack of overall friendliness is just too overwhelming for me. I don't like being mistreated when I go to spend my money somewhere and mostly when I find some new technology that I don't understand and people get impatient with me, like those silly little machines at checkout that you swipe your card through. What is that all about anyway? What is the cashier supposed to do? Afterall, they get pretty good money for not greeting me and asking me if I found everything I was looking for. When I tell them "no", they shrug their shoulders and ask me to use the electronic pen instead of my greasy fingertip.
We did eat at a great Middle Eastern restaurant called Pasha on the Northside of town. I believe it is on Babcock and Bluemel just off the I-10. I went with my friends Sam and Barbara. The food was out of this world. Service was a 1o but no alcohol is served there.
I sent a package to Ohio and UPS charged me 113 dollars for two-day service. Wow, I should start a messenger service. What a deal!!!!!
What surprised me this morning was the price I paid at Taco Cabana for a barbacoa taco and a bean burrito with a small coffee. $5.49! I guess I am spoiled by good food and good prices.
Anyway, I have been rubbed the wrong way today and so I will remain a grouch the rest of the night. After a vodka on the rocks and a melatonine I will sleep like a baby and forget all about the cruel world in which I live.
Tomorrow, back to rving and boondocking!


  1. Chris, i still live in the USA and visit Mexico almost every year. each time i come back to the US, i have reverse culture shock. everyone is sooooooooooooo crabby up here. the people in Mexico, as i go about my business when i'm visiting, are so gracious and fun-loving! they may be having a bad day but they try to enjoy it as much as they can, by being gracious and kind and humorous with the people they meet along the way. i can't wait to live there!

  2. I always describe to people the feeling in Mexico is like the 50's, the friendliness and feeling of family. I agree with EVERYTHING you say but it is always nice to return home in the States. A short time later we can't wait for the next trip to Mexico. Aren't we lucky!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico