Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Trip To Cinncinati

We worked out a trip to Cincinnati yesterday afternoon to visit with my oldest niece Christine and her husband Chris. I had almost decided not to go down there as time is very limited here in Ohio and lots of things to do and people to see.

Good thing we went. It was so nice to see my family. It turned out to be a mini-reunion not only with my niece's family in their lovely home but my nephew Mike and his wife Jeanne along with my neice Lisa and her two kids. I am so blessed to have such a lovely family. My brothers and sisters have created beautiful people and my great-neices and nephews are growing up quickly with some already out of the university.

My neice fixed a delicious dinner of talapia served with pasta and asparaghus. We had way too much wine and a couple of cocktails before dinner. With the idea of going to a local hotel we opted to crash at her house. This was a first for us, staying at our neice's house. Her husband has a real hand in remodeling and they have done a great job on their home.
Mike and Lisa used to be little rug rats, now with careers and kids of their own I am starting to feel the age factor creeping up on me. I am so proud of my family.

Black Tank Repair Update

I received an email stating that the travel trailer is ready and waiting in San Antonio. I will be there next week in hopes that the repair meets my expectations. I am just a bit worried that they had to substitute the tanks and they may be too low to the ground.

With that news, I am wondering if I should take a trip across the South to Naples to visit my oldest brother and his wife. If anyone has any suggestions for cool places to stay along the way, feel free to post a comment. Should I go there, I would take a week going and a week coming back.

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  1. Take the trip while fuel prices are affordable here in the States. For sure fuel will rise in the future.