Friday, September 24, 2010


What is the difference between a 3G and a "true" 3G? From what I have heard, the Telcel USB works great. It has been a real success here in Mexico.

We lost another mayor today and another great boondocking spot. Cross Dr. Gonzalez off your boondocking list in Nuevo Leon. We had a great time there in 2008, met the town historian and got a tour of the place. Quiet town and very nice people. They are holding five brothers as suspects.

When will this end?

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  1. As far as we were concerned, the Telcel 3G works really well! We bought ours in Playa del Carmen near the end of our winter. It worked all the way to the border and I never found a dead spot! It gives you three GB of data per month and we used less than half of that.

    Highly recommended!

    The thing I have to find out is if it is "locked" to the Telcel system. If not, we will pick up a T Mobile SIM in it and use it in the USA.