Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pemex Prices August 2010


Contrary to what is being posted on Pemex gas and diesel prices, the increases are monthly and at a rate of .08 centavos for interior Mexico and .04 centavos for the border areas. What is making the price of gas so unattractive is the price of the peso versus the dollar this week. Today the peso closed at 12.15/12.65 to the dollar (compra/venta).

What amazes me is that the correct or official information can be found yet people always like to refer to their "friends at Pemex" or their "friends at Immigration" and so on. Show me the facts.

Every month the news makes a big stink about the increase and it really riles people. They have sondeos or polls showing how everyone's economy is going to be affected. Such b.s. increases are increases and no one likes them.

Here are the official prices taken directly from Pemex-Precio al Publico

Magna Border 8.44
Premium Border 9.55
Magna Interior 8.44
Premium Interior 9.94
Diesel 8.80

BTW, you can always check a Mexican bank's webpage for daily or even hourly for updates on the peso exchange rate. In fact, Banorte show this information on their front page. If you click for detail you will also find the interbank rate and the ATM rate which is always cheaper than the teller rate. I hope this helps.

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