Thursday, September 16, 2010

Viva Mexico! What A Show It Was

Sitting here at the airport in Mexico City waiting for my connection to Mazatlan. It is always a small world. Here I am on a plane with 160 people and the girl next to me tells me she is from Reynosa, born and raised. So I told her my life story like I do to everyone. I said, " I lived in Monterrey 1o years ago". "Really, Where?" "On Julian Carrillo, which divides Colinas from Vista Hermosa, there's a castle on the hill." She stops me dead in my tracks. "The house with four arches in the living room?" "Yes, Why?" "My boyfriend is the son of the Irishman who lives four houses away. They told me about you." Scary to say the least.

Below is a small thing I wrote for today celebrating Mexican Independence. I didn't publish it because I wanted to add pictures of the fabulous event we witnessed on TV. I don't have the pictures with me now so . . . .

After much speculation, uncertainty, and problem solving, there were no incidents reported throughout all of Mexico as we celebrated the Mexican Bicentennial. Every plaza in Nuevo Leon celebrated El Grito last night. I don't know if anyone saw the celebration in the Zocalo en Mexico City but it was the show of shows.

Apart from the fanfare, screams and laughter there were a few tears shed also. We made it last night without a hitch despite what some had predicted or via rumors that were spread around the country. Floats, some as long as six trailers, pulled through the Zocalo each representing a different part of Mexican history. Even a show of 26 gymnasts who scaled a huge net, and after performing various acts, spelled out with their bodies the country "Mexico".

Mexicans are proud of their country no matter what they or anyone else says. This is home to 100 million Mexicans. In fact, El Grito was celebrated around the world in places such as Madrid, Paris, London, Cairo, Los Angeles, Chicago just to name a few.

Today our armed forces are celebrating with huge parades displaying their power, strength and dedication to their country. God bless our boys in green and I hope every time you pass a military checkpoint you give these guys a thumbs up. We are so proud of them and the job they are doing to keep us safe.

They haven't lost a fight yet. In every confrontation they come out ahead. In fact, there are fools who think they can go up against our military forces. Good for them if they believe they can but the proof is in the pudding. Last night there was a confrontation along the border of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. 19 deadbeat bums were shot dead after trying to battle with the strongest military Mexico has ever seen. People have said the Mexican military doesn't have the know-how. They only know how to put out forest fires. Well geewhiz. When was the last time Mexico fought a war. We are a very peaceful country you know.

The celebrations continue today with parades in just about every town and city. Imagine, last night in the center of Mexico City almost 1,000,000 people showed up, Monterrey, 100,000 people, Guadalajara, 35,000. All with tons of security and safety so that everyone could enjoy such an historic event as the 200 anniversary of Mexican Independence.

Viva Mexico!


  1. You are so lucky to live there and yes, Mexico has much to be very proud of! I always have a friendly wave for the army there. They are doing a very good job under adverse conditions.

    I have managed to find a little about last night's celebrations but am waiting for something to show up on Youtube. Jonna and Mimi have a report on the Merida party.

    As far as the chance encounter, it only shows how the "six degrees of separation" works. The real question is: What DID they tell her about you? All good, I am sure!

  2. Check out this wonderful video - Viva Mexico