Friday, June 13, 2014

More Than We Expected It To Be - Theif River Falls, MN

It was not the best night we have had but not the worst.  The Wally World last night was active until around 11:30 p.m.  but hey, we had three free nights there coming and going and the the first two were great.  If we hadn't had to get up at 5:30 for a web conference we would have been fine.  The wifi connection from Buffalo Bill's did the trick though and we had coffee as we participated in the NatGeo conference.

We took off at nine o'clock sharp and headed east.   We stopped in Rugby, ND and this is what we found:

My friend Darren from Mexico City told me it would be coming up on the radar and we found it.  We continued east to Grand Forks, ND or East Grand Forks, MN, which ever one you want to use.  We stopped and asked for directions to the Falls Stay and Play Rv Park in Thief Falls River.  

We passed this guy working the fields.  Funny, Cuba lost its petrol-based pesticides years ago when they broke with Russia.  It only took them five years to return the soil to its organic state.  They now produce 80% organic veggies and fruits in Cuba.  But chemicals are big business on the American continent and it won't be in my lifetime to see organic produce available to the masses.

We pulled in and found a great rv park, 33 spaces, full hookups, cable tv and the strongest wifi we have had in any park or rv spot on this trip.   The Passport America cost is $12 a night and they are known as having the meanest pizza in Minnesota.  We're going to find out this weekend.  Actually, the company next door owns the rv park, Petro Pumpers and they sell the pizza.  Handmade, hand-tossed and good eatin'.

We will spend the weekend here.   There is a casino, hiking trails, a birding center and a lake all of which we intend to explore.   Then it is off towards Chicago.


  1. Relax a bit, tour a bit and enjoy some local food f0r a few days, thats the way we like to travel.

  2. Oh Gosh, I wish we were there to meet you guys....hope to catch yas later then. Love following your trip.