Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weathered The Storm - Meeting Friends In Monticello, MN


I received an email Sunday night from Donna, a friend who lives in Big Lake, MN.  I met Donna and her husband Leo in the RGV when we stayed at the Kenwood Rv Resort in La Feria.  If I have the story right, Donna's sister in Arkansas reads the blog.  She told Donna that I was working in the Rio Grande Valley and staying at the same park.  
Donna opened the door at the rv park for us.  We didn't know anyone and she did.   She would talk to us at the activities center when we were there working and she would whisper in my ear, "you're working too much".  She introduced us to others in the park as some were a bit standoffish because we were two guys from Mexico.  All that changed and Kenwood became part of our winter.
We became friends over the winter and we have kept in touch since.   They invited us out for dinner at a great place in Monticello called the "Cornerstone Café".   Not only did we have a great meal, we talked up a storm.   We know we will see them in the fall when they come back down to the RGV.   Their a lot of fun and great for conversation.   Donna knows I don't mince words and we can talk freely about anything.  My kind of folks.   Anyway, thanks you guys for a great time last night.
We left Leo and Donna and headed for the local Home Depot.  The storm has really picked up and I had heard winds gusts were up to 60 miles per hour.   We got whipped around until about 10 p.m. just in time to go to bed.   The manager asked us to park in the corner and we went where he told us.  
Juan woke me up at 6:45 saying, "we gotta move now".  I thought someone had knocked on the door or something and I had ear plugs in so I didn't hear a thing.  Good thing he did!  The giant sprinklers had come on and water started to seep in from under the slides.   No damage done as we caught it just in time.   We are now in the middle of the lot and obviously using excellent wifi.  Thank you Home Depot.  Now where is that giant ball of twine?


  1. Sounds like another awesome visit with friends. Just love chatting with friendly everyday people, if you pass through this area of Ontario maybe we can meet up. It would be great.

  2. Chris you slept in? I can't believe it. NIce to catch up with Donna & Leo. Safe travels today.

  3. Storms are brewing in the Northeast! My blogging friend Bill in Nebraska just got missed by twin tornadoes. Stay dry and right side up!

  4. Yep, that's my sis all right, she does not know a stranger! I had been reading your blog for a long time and when you mentioned LaFeria in RGV is when I told her to start looking for camper with Mexican plates. So glad she found you guys. Glad you can enjoy such a beautiful part of the states, hope the rain is gone after tonight.

    1. You should come down to the RGV and we can meet up. We had a blast last night.