Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stinky Weather Won't Stop Us

This is a great little rv park.  We are just a mile from downtown Thief River Falls and can walk just about everywhere.   Last night was quiet and two couple left this morning.   What started out as a lazy day turned into a marathon.

I got up at 5:45 and had the opportunity to hang around on the internet for awhile.   Juan got up about an hour and a half later so breakfast didn't happen until later.   The cable isn't working but we don't watch much television.  I did want to see news but it turns out the digital works fine.  The park offered to refund our $2 a day.  Turns out after checking our receipt they didn't charge us extra anyway.

We headed out for town and found that two rivers merge into one.  There is a great trail that encompasses nine city parks with lots of things to see.   We opted to save that for tomorrow as the weather is cold, windy and cloudy.   BTW, at home in Monterrey it is 42C today, yikes.   People are complaining that they can't sleep it is so hot.

We got a good look at the city though.   We did some garage sales along the way.  One led to another, and another, and before we knew it the clock was ticking by.   I am looking for used books for a school reading project at home and garage sales seem to be a good place.   I decided to post something on Facebook and here on the blog requesting books for elementary and secondary aged students that can be sent to San Antonio where can pick them up on our way home.

We stopped by the train depot and watched a train go by, went to an arts and crafts fair at the city arena before popping into Walmart for some veggies.  The fair was fun and we were easily convinced to buy a dozen homemade cookies.  The woman who baked them came around and offered us a sample.   Hey, for $2.50 a dozen you can't beat good homemade cookies.   We also had a long conversation with a woman who was promoting local hospice and how the organization can pay family members to help take care of their loved ones. 

We looked around for a small farmer's market or roadside stands but not around here.  The word at Walmart here is that cashiers make only $9.25 an hour to start which pales in comparison to those in Williston, ND.   By chance our cashier was really an HR person who was filling in for someone.  She said many of their employees moved to Williston and are living in tents for the summer to take advantage of the $17.85 an hour Walmart is paying there and they will return to their jobs in TRF in the winter.   A new way to work, you go where the pay is. 

We are splurging tonight on a pizza.  We scoped out several places and think we have found a winner.  Tomorrow we will hike it off.


  1. go where the pay is.

    Isn't that the way it should be? One of the reasons we are in Saskatchewan...the money is better.

  2. I am missing something. Why is the pay higher in Williston?

    1. Oil boom! Just like the gold rush, people are flocking there to get in on the big bucks. Economy is growing like a weed and crime has risen at the same pace. This is why I don't think we need a minimum wage. Because of these increases, the Walmart in Thief River Falls is now increasing their minimum to combat the exit of employees. Competition. It's a good thing. You go where the money is. The word "minimum" says it all. :)

  3. We ran into the same thing in Texas where wages were pushed up by nearby oil fields. Funny thing though, McDonalds prices were the same so that negates any argument that employers cannot afford to pay livable wages.

    "Minimum" wage simply means employers are forced to pay at least starvation wages but if they want/have to pay more, nothing can stop them. Minimum wage laws hurt no one except employers wanting to pay LESS than the minimum.

  4. Who cares how much they get paid at Wall Mart, find another job if you do not like it, but it seems that you enjoy the free night parking whenever you find them?
    Never had any problem with them shopping there, pick it up, load the trolley and pay on your way out the door and into the camper I might add...

    1. I have no issues with Walmart. I just think it is interesting to see how wages are paid in other countries. Sam Walton was the person who wanted to make sure rvers had a place to go. We never stay for free anywhere. We patronize every stop be it a Walmart, Home Depot, restaurant parking lot or someone's farm, driveway, etc. Not sure why you would post something like this and why you hide behind "anonymous".

  5. It's amazing how brave people get when they sign anonymous, I enjoyed Croft's reply to anonymous a few days ago. as well
    Elaine in Canada