Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Busted By The Federales

One's turn will always come up and it did yesterday.  After celebrating teacher's day (Friday, May 15) with one of the schools I do consulting, I peeled out of the parking lot and headed home.  It was a long day and I was looking forward to my nap.  The luncheon was fantastic with live music and a truly delicious meal.  

The ride from Allende to home is through a winding highway that takes you through the mountains and to be honest it is fun to drive in my little 5 speed VW GT.   I usually drive 120 to 130 kms per hour and the zone is marked at 80.  Most people drive like I do anyway, afterall, we're out in the countryside.

I know these boogers hang out and they have really been on the prowl the last month.   Their tactics are getting better and they have found some good hiding places.   I keep a keen eye out for them but they nabbed me.   

Very nice police, we shook hands, he asked where I was going and if I was in a hurry.  He checked my driver's license and my car registration.   He said he would write me up.  This is going to hurt.  He charged me 60 minimum salaries, our about 3600 pesos.  If I act in the next 15 days, I can get it discounted to around 1500 pesos.  

So when you hear of federales stopping a foreign plated car and asking for a few thousand, that really is the ticket amount for speeding.   Thirty years of highway driving and my first violation.  

Live and learn.


  1. As someone who has had the privlage of being in the back seat if your car in the past, holding on for dear life,maybe just maybe it's time to slow down.


    1. Too soon! I think I might slow down when I'm around 70! :)

  2. our only "infraction" (so far) was in Tampico... not even sure what it was for... cost us $20 American.... (down from about $300).... I think with us, it wasn't so much the cost as the intimidation... the fear factor... the "what if's"..... Hey... 30 years and your first ticket... can't beat that!

  3. Yikes. Slow down...smell the roses. Your fuel efficient vehicle is even more efficient below 100 km/h... :-)

  4. Aye carumba!!! Mucho pesos. Just think how much vodka that would have bought. But if you had fun then what the heck!

  5. Well, you have been getting away with going a little fast for years so averaged out it isn't to bad.