Sunday, May 17, 2015

Isolated Shower? - Nobody Saw This Coming

 Early afternoon!

Just breaking and that wsa before the winds.  Did I mention hail!

Worked from 7:30 to 1:30 today getting the backyard in good shape.  I power washed the patio, deck and the palapa roof.  Scrubbed down the patio furniture and the place was a shining example of pride in ownership.   We even swam in the pool for the first time this year.  We celebrated with a cold beer which I rarely drink and then a long 1.5 hour nap.  I've been sick the last few days with either a head cold or allergies.  I think it is the latter.

At four p.m. while I'm leisurely waking from my afternoon nap I heard the first clap of thunder.   We knew we were going to have an isolated shower or two but not what was coming next.  I Spanish we call it a tromba.  It's like a torrential downpour with tornado winds.    It literally destroyed the trees and the yard.  Tree limbs down, patio furniture scattered around and the pool, oh lord what a mess.  Water is still standing in most of the yard at 3 to 4 inches.

Monterrey is reeling from it now with downed billboards, flooded streets and I can imagine downed power lines.   Our power stayed on but just barely, lights flickering on and off.

I long for Guanajuato.


  1. Oh no!! How horrible. Try and keep that memory of your first swim as you clean it all up yet again. It looked so nice and relaxing in that first shot. Good shot of Juan by the way. Is your pool heated?

    1. No, not heated. We've thought about it though. With LP it would cost a fortune, solar is an option but we decided against it. The weather is not usually on our side in the winter. We have thought about a jacuzzi.

  2. Cleaning the yard and the lawn furniture is one of the things you should have procrastinated longer on! ;-)

    So glad that you didn't have any real bad damage. Have another drink and and sit with your back to the window.