Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lots Going On - I'm Being Lazy

I really haven't been lazy but trying to get over a sinus infection/allergies.  The molds in the air plus all the pollen have made my head a one huge dizzying stopped up piece of mush.  BTW, as I write this I have had my first sneeze.  Maybe it's good to talk about these things.   At one point I had to keep my head tilted back as water was just pouring out of my head.   My hearing is impaired and my ears are starting to ring.   Is that a good thing?  I spoke with the doctor and he said, "learn to live with it".  I have most of my life.  I got away with it last year though and I thought I was on a roll.  Damn rain.

I had many school invites and evernts this week.  May is a busy month with all the possible days you could imagine from parents to students to teachers.   Not much learning went on this month but everyone had a good time.  I guess that is important.  Here is one of the events I MC'ed.  It was a banquet and show for Family Day.   There were six hundred guests.  The show was a tribute to Michael Jackson and all the students danced, sang and even had a Jackson imitator as the show host.

Yesterday afternoon we went into town for a dinner and family get together.   It was nice but we could see the storm a-comin' (you only use the "a" before a verb for something really big :) ).   When we got to Monterrey you could see it coming, 60km per hour winds and lots of pressure in the air.   We only found out later that the storm had only hit at home.  Huge downpour.

We spent the night at the house in Monterrey.  It was a late evening, at least for me.  I didn't get to sleep until about 12:30 a.m.  I wasn't any good all day today especially with the head problem but I am a real trooper.  

After a typical Mexican breakfast at a restaurant called Chilo's, we headed downtown to the convention center for the annual Mexican crafts show.  Lots of junk and then a lot of really nice stuff.  Several Egyptian stands as there are lots of Egyptians in Mexico and they came mostly after the revolution.  They bark back and forth at each other from stand to stand.  They are very friendly and accomodating.  Most live in Guadalajara.

Main hall of Cintermex.  There were three shows going on; dog show, VW beetle show and the crafts exhibition.

Some of the many 200 plus stands.

Me with a native Wixaritari from a region between Nayarit and Durango.

We talked during our tour of the exhibition about maybe doing something like this as a way to travel and also earn some money.  We spoke with several vendors as well as the organizers who sponsor vendors in shows all over Mexico.   We have an rv, we could sell a Mexican product like clothes from the south and have some fun.  It's on the table for discussion.  Worst case is we learn something new.

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