Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A House Warming and A Walk By The Lake

We were invited to a house-warming party other night.   Jerry and Becky, as I had mentioned before, moved to Valle de Juarez two years ago.  They had traveled full time in their Montana fifth wheel for a few years before making the move.  Once they were here they decided to build a house.   It is a beautiful two-bedroom plus loft and has so many great amenities.   They are just a few minutes from town.  

Becky fixed a fun dinner, make your own nachos.   She had all the fixing and we gathered in the kitchen around the island and prepared our own style of nachos.  The food was great, the drinks the best and the bonfire in front of there house really topped it off.

 Here we are gathered in the kitchen.  Doug is sitting at the table but you can't see him as he is hidden by the poinsettia. 

Fires are always fun and this was nice and toasty.   We hung out after dinner for a couple of hours and chatted with old and new friends, some of who are preparing to move to the area.

Sal gave us all a treat by adding his magic touch to the fire and adding some color.

I started doing walking laps at the park in the morning.  It was a bit boring.  So now I head down to the lake and walk out on the pier and back and then up the hill to the main plaza and then back home.  I try to take a different route through town each time.  This is the malecon or walkway that follows alongside the water.

I guess they call it a pier but it really a dam that holds the water back.  Fishermen go out and do some fishing.  There are some pretty big fish in there.  

One of our walks out on the pier.  I never get tired of walking out there.  A lot more to see than just the water, there are cows on one side, farm animals, people walking along roads and paths going to work or picking up groceries for breakfast.

Paula and Jerry introduced us to Loncheria Mary`s a few years back.  It is right on the main street into town.  You can't beat the great tasting food or the prices.  This is a dish of chorizo with egg and a hot coffee.   It was really delicious!

The owner of the park and his son come every day to let their three horses in and out of the barn so they can graze and get some exercise.  This filly, Lucero, really has some spunk.  She likes to show off a bit and Christian really knows how to get her to do that.   It was some show and there are some great pictures and video of her running from one end of the park to the other.  
Sue and Brian left this morning and are heading to the Chapala area.   We will be following them down next Monday.  We are having some painting done to our rv and it will take a few days.  Can't wait to see the finished product and show some pictures here on the blog.  

Paula, Jerry, Gail and Bill are leaving tomorrow morning for Melaque down on the beach.  We're going to miss them and it's been a fun week and a half.  We'll have the park to ourselves so we can reduce both food and happy hour.   I need a break!!!!


  1. We have the same problem over the past week... too much eating and drinking!

  2. Life is regrets...enjoy every sip, mouthful and day! Enjoy!