Monday, January 14, 2019

I Thought I Smelled A Rat!

Contessa asked if I am going to post more about Ajijic and Chapala.  Tomorrow I should have a post.   We liked some of it and disliked parts of it.  I will include more about the rv park as well.

Not sure where I left off from the gasoline shortage and I promise not to go on a rant over that.   We made it to Matehuala Friday afternoon.  It was a great drive and we listened to some great music all the way.  I have been using Spotify, the free version, and it has everything including my "In The Now" talks by Eckhart Tolle.   As long as you have internet signal on your phone the free version works great.   Telcel has the best coverage although we still keep our Movistar on the other phone.

We stayed at the Hotel Oasis again.  They are very nice to us and have pretty good wifi.   We watched the movie "First Man On The Moon" and had dinner.  Saturday, with a late start we made it across the mountains and to our country resort in Montemorelos.   Again, another good walk, happy hour and a movie.   This has been the most relaxing month-long vacation ever and we have plans to take off again soon.

Sunday morning brought us home early enough to miss the traffic.   Pulled into the driveway and unpacked and unhooked in less than 30 minutes.

Once in the house though, something didn't smell right.   We had found that a mouse may have died although we can't find it yet.   But he did leave his mark.  He got into my nightstand next to the bed and made a mess.   Take a look.

The mouse ate everything from paper, plastic, pens, melatonin, and if you look in the lower left corner you can see a small plastic box.  I keep a ring in there.  He ate off the clasp and dragged the ring across the drawer and hid it.  Little devil.

Then he did this.  I had about fifty dollars in Colombian pesos in a clip.  He ate the edges off of them.  However, he must have something against the Dominican Republic because I have a 5000 peso bill and he didn't even touch it.


  1. Had them in the RV last winter...used snap traps with canned salmon to get them. At home peanut butter works..Mexican mice are much more upscale!

  2. How funny. We did have a dead rat in our water area in the RV one year and the smell was beyond dreadful. The neighbors were complaining. I so miss our girls, they were great to point out where the mice were hiding.