Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What's Happening Now?


Two things now speak for themselves:

1)  COVID continues claiming lives but it's only a million so not to worry too much.  

"If they would rather die, they'd better do it, and decrease the surplus population".  

2) The presidential debate speaks for itself.  Entertaining, to say the least, and we had too much fun watching it.  And here I thought Mexico was in deep shit!

We finally found someone to help out in the quinta.  I had mentioned to a neighbor's gardener that we were looking for someone.  The next day, a kid of about 15 showed up at the door looking for work.  A good kid from Chiapas, his father pulled him out of school four years ago to come north to find more work.  They work in a place that offers parties for kids but they have a petting farm and show kids how to milk cows and shore sheep.  

First off, I told him he needed to bring his dad and give him permission to work here.  The dad came and he has never been to school, can't read or write, and helps out his 15-year-old son that works in the other place.  Very nice people and we made it clear that come January the son needs to be in school, which we will pay for otherwise he can't work here.  We will also enroll all of the children in the government scholarship program, Bienestar so that they can receive $200 USD monthly towards their education.

He seems to like it here and we made it clear that there are cameras here.  It's a gringo thing I guess but I feel more comfortable with them knowing it is fine.  In Mexico, it is common to have adolescents work for you so I guess it's not a big deal.

We are preparing things for our December trip and will take the rv out for a couple of test drives over the next months.  I have a couple of places in mind; our resort in Montemorelos and then a trip to Potrero Chico on the northside of Monterrey.


  1. Anyone who works for you is lucky. Your dedication and expertise in accessing the education benefits available is of great benefit to this young man and his family.

  2. Like Kathy says, he is a lucky kid to have come across you and Juan! Thank you for caring!