Saturday, December 5, 2020

Nuevo Leon (Monterrey) In Weekend Lockdowns For December

My niece Virginia, married to my oldest nephew, went to a family celebration of life for a brother who passed away last year.  They couldn't wait.  Her uncle died last night from COVID.

Our excellent state Secretary of Health, Manuel de la O along with our governor Jamie Rodriguez, made the decisión to lockdown the state of Nuevo Leon every weekend for the month of December.  That includes the following:

  •  Supermarkets closed
  •  Restaurants, no dine-in or take-out, only home delivery
  •  Bars closed
  •  No Christmas parties
  •  No party romos
  •  Churches are closed
  •  No peringinaciones (pilgramages to the virgin of Guadalupe)
  •  Ley seca, no alcohol sales
Only gas stations and convenience stores are open with sales restrictions.  We were warned and nobody wanted to follow the rules so here we are.  Now everyone is p------ and moaning including big businesses.  Well, we have had eight months to figure this out and come up with a strategy.   Eight months!  Nobody did anything to prepare and we all know that this will last for at least three years.  The scenario is going as the virus has planned for the last 2238 years (recorded history).   What could businesses have done?  Developed strategies to reward people for good behavior, provide free rapid testing, créate permanent safe spaces, more online benefits for placing and receiving orders.   

Small local mom and pop shops; taco stands, small neighborhood businesses, mechanics, etc.,  could have set up webpages that are practically free, offered discounts to online buyers, free delivery with a mínimum order, hung banners advertising their webpages.  Nothing was done because no one took this seriously.   The American continent now has 850,000 COVID deaths and by the beginning of 2021 that number will likely hit 1,000,000,  That's right, one million dead people from Canada to Chile.  

I'm glad the world isn't on my team because I would be running with the ball and they would be sitting there doing their own thing.  In other words, nobody really cares about anyone but themselves.  We have spent the last 100 years living the high life with modern inventions, the age of technology, computers, internet and now social media.  George Bush Sr. was called the "me" generation.  That turned out to be a lie because we are living in the midst of a "me" annihilation.  Everyone is out doing their own thing and to hell with anyone else.   If I pass away during this pandemic from some other ailment, well, that's just history.  

I've got major computer problems.  Best Buy Mexico has 52 stores here.  We had a great policy with the Geek Squad for one year.  I took my laptop this week for a cleaning and to check the mouse pad.  Guess what?   Best Buy closed all their stores here in Mexico two days later.  I don't know if I'll get my laptop back.   Not good  and  not happy.  We have been calling but the phones just ring and the local news says the stores are not reopening.

It's been cold here this week.  Down to 1C 34F, and it will continue into the next week but warming up during the day and around 6C at night.  Good thing we got the LP radiant heaters checked and clean.  I don't like be cold or hot.  I have never slept with a hat on and never will, not in my line of thinking.  If I'm going to wear a hat to bed I'd might as well sleep outside in a cardboard box.  I'm the biggest sissy in the world when it comes to being uncomfortable.  Life's to short for suffering.  

I need to go, I'm supposed to be baking bread.  Be safe, stay home and read a book, paint a wall, do some yard work, knit, sew, work in the wwoodshop, wax the car whatever it takes.  Wear your mask.  Remember, BE THE EXAMPLE. 


  1. Most of us in Canada are wearing masks, and it seems we have figured how to deal with this situation!
    As all things this shall pass. We now have 6 cases in our area. And we have altered our life style.
    All the best to you

  2. Hi Chris - I couldn't agree with you more in that "we" have all had plenty of time to figure out the best way to handle things and still people aren't doing what they are supposed to do. They still, stupidly, want to gather for that little party, wedding celebration, etc. Some churches here are now being fined for defying the Provincial Health Orders and having services. How can people be so stupid as to attend?? There are loads of ways for worship (whatever kind you wish) on-line with any local church. Why chance going in.......'nuff said about that.

    Canada has done a great job but even here in BC, we are still having an average of 600-700 new cases daily. It is just too many. So many of us are trying our best to do what we have to and yet, here we are. We have been wearing masks EVERYWHERE for months now, still there are those who won't. Their claims of "infringing on civil liberties" are falling on deaf ears. There are even anti-mask rallies occasionally. Again, defying Provincial Health Orders.

    Good grief.....pass the tequila.

    1. Hi Nancy. In the future, we'll look back at all the mistakes that were made during the pandemic and many will regret their choices, mostly those that were positive or asymptomatic and spread it to loved ones who may die. Just like all the hatred and anger spewed during the U.S. elections, we will rethink the choices we've made and I believe many people in higher positions will be paying for the decisions they made putting the economy and pleasure before human lives.