Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back From The Border

Ended up driving to Eagle Pass this morning to visit two schools.  They previously had a seminar at their schools and I went in hopes of rebooking.  And I did!   My first two days, not bad!

The cold front moved in as I was arriving in Eagle Pass and got colder and clouder as the morning progressed.  I left there for Laredo around noon and the rain just wouldn't stop.   It let up when I got to Laredo and another follow up visit at a school only to find the person was out for the day.

I gassed up and headed for the border.  I was really anxious to get home and a good thing I did.  The cats had no food so I have a feeling another cat got in and ate the food.   I hear the cat outside and it appears to be another stray.   Not staying here though.

When I arrived to the north side of Monterrey the rains were really coming down and it took me an hour and forty minutes to get home from the exit to Saltillo, Hwy 40.  What a mess.  I am so glad I don't work in the city anymore.  Done with that!

So now I am home until Monday when I return to McAllen unless there is a change of plans.  The cats are here on the bed with me and they look happy to see me.  I keep saying we need to install cameras here at home so we can see what goes on when we aren't here.  

I spoke with Juan about an hour ago and he was on the bus from D.F. to Queretaro for the convention.   His school visits went well and he is happy.   

Now I will relax for four days!


  1. Will you be driving over that BIG bridge that's just opened between Durango and Matzalon soon? I'd have to do that just to say I did!

  2. I'll spell Mazatlan right one of these days ;-)