Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cold Front Number 12

It finally came.  I got home yesterday around 4 p.m.  It was cold all day yesterday in McAllen but it was a nice fall chill more than anything else.  The wind blew pretty hard Tuesday night but I was nice and snug in the rv with our Mr. Heater on low and the electric blanket.  I turned off Mr. Heater before going to bed and slept like a baby.  Actually, I overslept until 6 a.m.   The thing is, Tuesday I visited five schools that covered over 100 miles.   It was a good day but long.  The rv park continues to bring new people everyday and mostly Quebecers.   

Here at home I settled in with the cats for the night.  They love the heat from the electric blanket and will sleep almost through the whole night.  If I wake up and go to the john, they move around a bit until I tell them, "lay down and go to sleep".    They make a circle or two and they're down.

Today I went to the gym, did my weekly reports and did a little grocery shopping.  After being in the U.S.  155 pesos goes a long way.  I bought enough to have a kilo of chicken breast, veggies, two liters of milk, pan dulce, eggs, chorizo, and some fruit along with some other knick knacks.  I don't understand how poor people in the U.S. can afford to eat.   After a short nap I went for a haircut and then the day was shot.

I posted a funny video on Facebook about S N O W.  Juan saw it and he sent me a message immediately, " I'm ready to hit the road".  When he says that, that means it is time to get going.   Three more weeks and even though our space is paid in Texas I think we will head back and get down to where the action is.  

Don't forget about all the people in the Philippines who no longer have food, water or shelter.   This is the worst of the worst.   People here are making deposits in banks to send cash to help in the recovery. 

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