Sunday, November 17, 2013

Made Up Our MInds

Best of plans can always change and I learned that from my friends who are "drifters".   I had planned to power wash the driveway and get the cars cleaned.  It has been rainy, damp and just down right ugly the last few days.   Well, it rained again yesterday.  I got up early, started to wash bed linens and while they were in the final rinse, it starts to rain.  I had the power washer hooked up and all the tools I need to do the cars too.  That petered out.  I hung up the sheets and pillow cases and off I went.

I headed to the gym hoping the sun would come out later.   After the gym I realized it wasn't going to happen so I went grocery shopping instead.  When I got home the sun was peeking out but not enough to make a difference.  I put the linens in the dryer and did some aseo de la casa (housekeeping).  The day past by and I ended up watching SNL and going to bed at 10 p.m.

Up at 6:15 a.m. this morning and tidy things up and off I went to the airport.  Juan had sent me a message to say he was boarding the plane and before I knew it I arrived at the airport parking and he sends another message saying the plane had landed.   He has a mild sore throat and I had planned on eating lunch at Santa Fe, a very nice restaurant near the airport.   Prepared as always, I had made pasta and sauce yesterday so that was ready to eat.  He decided to go home and we would have pasta.   But as we passed the restaurant, the place was packed.  A place I can recommend. 

We spent the day talking, a lot.  We made plans for the upcoming weeks and our winter trip.   It's not like we haven't been in touch the last two weeks.  Everyday we have a video chat via Facebook which is free.  We talk for at least an hour if not more.   Then we send messages back and forth via Internet as our cell phone service give us 10 messages per day at no charge.

Are you ready for me to stop talking and tell you what our plans are?   I got an email from my coworker.  She says not to do any visits the week of Thanksgiving.  She also said she is ready to return so I may only have this week.  We will spend next week in McAllen for Thanksgiving and take off for a week or two in Texas, probably South Padre Island before returning to Mexico.

Then . . . .  we will head south to Jalisco stopping at our most popular boondocking spots.   Not sure yet if we will make a trip up to Mazatlan, but I realized it is a two day drive, well at least the way I drive.  We could do it in one but I don't do that any more.  We want to visit Colin and Contessa and hit the beach.  Christmas will be with all our friends at Hacienda Contreras.  I want to take the drive through the back side from Real de Catorce to San Luis Potosi.  Not sure yet, Juan didn't like the 15 kms of washboard we encountered last time.

There you have it!


  1. Hmmmmm - I don't know but I don't think I saw a thing about visiting us in there. Maybe I should reread....nope - it's not there. Lot's of time though - were not home until April. Maybe in west Texas in Feb. Sounds like a good trip though!

  2. Just catching up (again) before we head for TX on Wednesday. We make our travel decisions based on the weather. But lately more decisions have been based on health issues. Even broken ankles and cataract surgeries can keep you in one place for months. So... don't put off doing whatever is important to you.

  3. I am happy to see you are becoming "Drifters" as well! It looks more and more like we may cross paths in Texas.

    I am with Juan on the Real de Catorce washboard road. That road could jar your fillings loose!

    Keep in touch, we will try to make a meet-up work.

  4. the vodka is chilling in anticipation of your arrival. Love my new word of the day..aseo de la casa...great to know. Gracias. Now you have plans but they will keep evolving as they should. Enjoy the moment.