Monday, November 25, 2013

Yucky Weather

. . . But I like it.  I like the cold and the wet.   It's fun to bundle up, keep warm in the house and eat things we don't always have like pan dulce and hot chocolate before going to bed.  We almost hit 0C the last two nights and it is sure to come Tuesday night.   I have the electric blanket on low, the radiant heater in the living room on low, and my homemade room heater made out of a bread pan, three tea candles and two different sized clay flower pots.  It really heats up the bedroom.  We don't use it at night though.   I turned on the heat pump last night and we slept like babes. 

Two good things are happening this week, I won't say they are complete but we hope so.  We are in the process of selling our land in Terlingua, Tx. and that should be complete.  The refinance on our house in San Antonio is almost approved, the title company called today and asked for some finals to complete the process.  With the refinance, we may be able to sell the house as an assumable.  Two things to free us up some more in our path to full time rv living.

We are still on course to go to McAllen this week for Thanksgiving and then to Hacienda Contreras for Christmas.  I need to email Croft and Norma and see where they will be on their route as we may delay our trip south by a week or two.  Because of the delay, I'm pulling out the Christmas tree this week.  Why have a fireplace and not a Christmas tree?  They kind of go together.

Well, it's the holidays and a good time to do something for someone else.   Pay an electric bill, give a grocery gift card, shovel snow on a driveway, or give someone a blanket.   Be thankful for all we have.


  1. Great post Chris - yes, I guess the cold is a novelty for you two! Sheesh! Glad you are warm - I saw the homemade heater on pinterest - sounds like it works for you - a good to know item - you just never know when you'll need it.

    We really enjoyed our visit to Terlingua back in 2008 - not sure when we'll make it there again.

  2. Well... you have an electric blanket, but I have Bill. The joke about this is... we sleep in the overhead bed above the cab. It's queensize, .... BUT... Bill weighs more than me and as time goes on, the foam mattress on his side gets worn down faster... Sooooooo.... I joke that I need those tire chucks (or whatever they're called) to keep me from rolling onto "his" side of the bed. NOW.... tell me true... would you rather have a warm body or an electric blanket to keep you warm at night. Nevermind... enjoy the Valley... we'll just freeze up here in Glen Rose until we leave for Costa Rica in about 3 weeks. ;-)

  3. I love your last words....cheers les

  4. Sounds all cozy at your place, enjoy!