Saturday, November 30, 2013

Arghh! Head Colds

Miserable, not feeling well.   Juan had a head cold, I refused to get it.   I made him sleep under the trailer the last three days.  I got it anyway.   It must have made it's through the floor.   It's all in the head, the body is working fine.

We go home tomorrow and we will be back next weekend I hope to pick up the rv and take it home.   Nothing else to report other than the weather sure improved and the sun was shining today.   We made it to Best Buy where Juan got a new netbook and I went to Lowe's to replace the acrylic for the storm door on the trailer.  We made a pit stop at a friend's house to say hi and back home.   


  1. okay... now... if I have drank too much, can Bill have the hangover if he sleeps under the motorhome? Just askin'..... Not that I'm admitting to anything... Just hope those cold are better soon.... much love, Sharon

  2. Oh no! So hope you guys are feeling better! What happened to SP Island with Croft and Norma?!