Saturday, November 23, 2013

Things Go From Bad To Good

Sounds like a pretty dramatic title but it wasn't all that bad.  I woke early yesterday with a laundry list of things to do, literally.  We got up at 5:15 and after coffee I stripped the bed.  With the cold front coming I wanted to get all the chores done that didn't get done while I was gone.  Laundry was one of them.  I loaded up the machine and it took off scrubbing away.   About fifteen minutes later I heard nothing, dead silence.  The washing machine had stopped leaving all the bed linens in a tub of sudsy water.  I shook, rattled and almost rolled the machine to no avail.  Pissed.

It was one of those day where I hate everything, nothing works right and on it went.  I was going to go the gym next but that didn't work out so I drove to Allende to work at the school for a couple of hours.  Some of the teachers have trouble teaching students project and group work and that is my specialty.  Getting third graders to do anything is a chore in itself but we got it done.

The repairman never showed up or called so I pulled out all the wet laundry,  wrung it out and put it in a bag.  Off I went to the laundry in town and dropped it off.  Not worried about paying but getting it back in time to make the bed.  Yes, we have other sets of sheets but these are our best sheets that work well with the electric blanket.  I did all my house chores, took a very short snooze, and then did some yard work that our gardener refuses to do, picked up the laundry and ended the day.

This morning we woke up to cold.  We have plenty of heat but I hate using it at night if we have the blanket and it really isn't that cold.  It was 4C this morning, not freezing by any means.  We went to a basketball game which was great.  I love basketball and high schoolers are the best.  They played hard and fair.  No dirty business here.  

Earlier in the morning I had posted that some tamales and hot chocolate would be good and if anyone wanted to send an invitation I would be there.   After the game we visited some family in Monterrey and guess what?  Tamales recalentados with hot coffee.   Recalentados are the only way to eat tamales.  They are usually left overs and you put them on the comal (griddle) reheating them but until the husk is crispy.  There is usually a small spread of masa on one side of the outside husk and it turns brown and crispy.  Man on man, to die for.  We sat in the kitchen and talked for about four hours before heading home.  

All's well that end's well.


  1. Thank goodness you day ended on a high note. It could always be worse.

  2. All's well that ends well (someone had to say it!) 4C here too! Crazy weather!

  3. Still hot in La Cruz....not complaining tho!!!