Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Start Of Thanksgiving

We used our new (bought it for last year) Mr. Heater last night.   Man does that thing work well.  Combine that with the electric blanket under the sheets and bingo!  Slept like a baby.  We keep the windows cracked and a vent open so the room is well-ventilated.  

Got uo this morning and hit the gym to reduce some of the calorie gain from today :).   Got the storm door cleaned and put up on the rv and then showered.   I am now at the activities center and I took a picture of the dinner before people show up at noon.  Yep, early lunch is more like it and yes there will be about 300 people.  Each table had sign up sheets and have their own turkey.  The reason I am here at the center is because I was kicked out of the rv so Juan could concentrate on making the casserole.  We're taking a 1.75 liter bottle of wine to share too. 

I'll post an update as the dinner progresses.   Croft and Norma may be here Sunday.   We talked last night and decided we will come back up for the rv and go to South Padre Island for a couple of days together.

And then we ate.  I said 300, it was 180.  Still a large group.


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