Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We're Off For Thanksgiving

It's cold here, 3C this morning but the rest of the week looks good.  Cold nights and sunny warm days.  Winter Texans like that kind of weather, good for sleeping.

We are heading out in the next hour or two for McAllen.  The rv is still there and we are paid through December.   I was going to bring it home this weekend but we decided if the space is paid for we can go back and do some Christmas shopping before we head to Jalisco.

An rver from Canada is in the Edinburg area and wants to pass through Linares to San Roberto, the mountain route we take.  He wanted to know if it was feasible with his 38ft fifth wheel.  I sent him a message this morning to see if they want to meet up while we are there and we can go over the route.  They are also heading to Hacienda Contreras but a week before we do.

Tomorrow is the big potluck at the rv park.  There are about 300 people signed up for the event, each table gets their own turkey and everyone at the table commits to bringing a dish.   Juan is making his famous green beans, with new potatoes, mushrooms, and bacon.   We don't have an oven in the rv so we will pick up a dessert to take and a bottle of wine.

I'm anxious to see what the border bridge wait will be even though we are going the other way.  University students here are out for Christmas vacation along with some high schools so they may be heading north for shopping.  


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you both! Hi to Norma and Croft. Wish we were there to share the warmth!

  2. 300 people for a pot luck! too big for me. Let us know how it goes and Happy Thanksgiving.