Friday, November 15, 2013

The Big Question Is . . . .

Before I get into the big question of the day, I want to share what happened last night.  I don't remember if I said anything over the last two weeks or not but a stray cat had been getting into the house via the pet door and eating all the cat food.  Ferocious appetite!   I discovered this the week Juan took off for Mexico City and I went to McAllen.  I reminded him a dozen time to leave food for the cats and he assured me he would.  I came home after only three days to find their cat food dispenser completely empty.  They looked up at me with that look of, " I can't believe you didn't leave us any food".   

I almost let Juan have it but he assured me he had left enough food.   That night, I heard faint cries of a cat.  I hadn't put two and two together yet.   The days went by and the food would disappear.  I thought I had scared off the cat and off I went to McAllen again and left them plenty of food.  Came home again and no food.  That night, I walked into the kitchen and saw a black and white cat cornered by LB and Missy.  It took one look at me off it went.

Yesterday, I stopped by the vet after the gym.  He rented me a trap and I took it home and set it up last night before going to bed.  I put a small dish in there with some fresh cat food.   He took the bait.  I woke up this morning and found him there singing the cat prison blues!   Beautiful cat and really quite tame.   I loaded him up on the way to the gym, dropped him and the trap off at the vet and the cat is now up for adoption.  He received shots and a de-worming treatment.   The vet says it should be about a week before he has a new home.

Now for the big question.   Where in the heck are we going to go for winter?   We're thinking two months maybe more.   I like the idea of crossing the Baularte Bridge to Mazatlan.   We also want to see everyone at Hacienda Contreras this winter no matter which of the two parks there we stay at, the original HC or cousin Chema's place.   I also have the need to go to Real de Catorce and watch a sad movie in the rain again and then take the back road we found from there to San Luis Potosi.  Juan wants to go to Las Vegas before we go too.  I found the Allegiant Air flights from McAllen to Vegas for $170 round trip.  And then to make matters worse, I miss rving in West Texas.

How in the world do fulltimers ever make a decision about where to go?  This is driving me nuts.  I don't care about distance, toll road cost, etc.   Although I'm getting a bit tired of paying for toll roads while we have found in the last two years that many of the libres are just as good and much more scenic.

So post your comments, yea or nay, or maybe recommend some new destination.  We are creatures of habit and Hacienda is always a great place to hang our hats and park our wheels.  The cats can roam around and always find their way back to the trailer.

Thanks for helping out!


  1. Well, if it has to be Mexico - not sure. We sure loved our time at Patzcuaro...

    LOVE to see you in Western Texas - we are going to head to Marathon for a month sometime in the new year. Before that we will be snooping around Louisiana. If you do that you may even pump into Norma and Croft!

  2. Teresa, there would be nothing better than sitting out at the visitor's center, boondocking and watching the Marfa lights!

    West Texas is not difficult for us. Let us know when and where. Safe travels.

    Croft hasn't presented his travel plan yet :)

  3. Chris, when we come to a fork in the road we take it! This year I have been doing less planning. At a couple of stops this year, I truly did not know where our next place would be. Rigid flexibility is the key to full timing IMHO

    We are in Memphis and on our way to NOLA for a couple of weeks and then to our daughter's for the holidays and birthdays before going to Key West and then up the east coast. All most all subject to change.

  4. Chris, you know our plans as well as we do! Like Bilmo, we practice rigid flexibility.

    Getting together with Teresa, Derek, Cassia and you two would certainly be fun! watch the Blog and you will know where we are moments after we do.

    Our detailed plan: South, then East (subject to change)

  5. Yup! That's us - drifters - I can't even count how many times our plans have changed so far and we are only just over one month in! Sheesh!