Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Now Is The Time For Rving In The U.S.


Back in the valley this week for two days and you won't believe the gas prices.  Today I saw fuel for $2.80 a gallon.  The big question here and on the local news is how long will these prices last.  No one knows but I think we should consider rving for Christmas here in the U.S.  Nothing against my beautiful country of Mexico but no tolls to pay and much lower gas prices.  Too bad it's cold in Canada this would be a perfect time. 
But back to reality.  I mean really, how long will this last.
So now I am at a local library.   I walked in and the first thing they said was that I needed a library card.  Cool!  I want one.  Well, you need to have a local address and ID an be able to prove that address.  I explained my situation and they said no go but they would give me a one-time pass.  Then the librarian asked if I had any mail with my local address. Bingo!  I had just received a sample from a company that makes wood blinds.  They accepted it.
The weather is in for a change tonight.  The cold front is moving in and I am going back to the rv park and putting the electric blanket on the bed.  What a bunch of weenies.  The temperature will only be 50F but who cares.  I like it when we pretend it's cold out.  I'm making noodle soup with egg and salsa.  Yummy.


  1. True - but gas isn't even close to $2.80 in Canada - but you could drive to the border and back again! Ha!

    $3.29 here in North Carolina - but Missouri was sure nice at $2.83 - the cheapest we found from BC to here.

    Cold here in Hendersonville too, 23 F tonight..... yikes!

  2. $3.18 in Salem, OR. 76.4 outside at 6:40

  3. I am trying to say sixty-seven point four. My fingers don't work.

  4. Too cold in Canada, plenty warm in Mazataln.