Monday, November 18, 2013

Figuring Out Our Canada Trip

I got to McAllen later than expected.  A two and a half hour bridge wait.  I posted a rant on FaceBook.  Really hacked me off.  With all the b.s. going on, they keep Mexicans on a national holiday from supplying the Texas valley with retail sales.   Long border waits equate to less shopping time, wasted fuel, increased pollution and unhappy people.  How many miles do the all of the border bridges make up?  Maybe 20 miles out of a 2000 mile border?   Looks like the priorities are screwed up a bit.   Enough on that.

Playing with Google Maps, I was looking at our trip and all the places we want to stop.   I came up with an approximate trip length of 10,000 miles.  I thought, not bad in terms of fuel.  1,000 gallons at today's average of $3.30.  Then I put on the brakes.  2700 miles will be done in Canada and that fuel is $5.25 a gallon?  Hmm, we need to rethink this.

Juan is all for it and he brings it up almost everyday with some new twist, person to see, or place to go.  I don't want to disappoint him.   The idea is not to break into any savings or charge anything except for emergencies.  I want to live on what we have monthly keeping within our budget.   I think we can do it.  We'll need to take advantage of couch surfing spots, boondocking, Passport America, and I saw a new one called  California fuel is expensive too.  Wow, I need to do some homework.

I'm thinking I might set up a new blog with ads to bring in some income and also do some short videos along the way. 


  1. CANADA! Are you just playing with us now! That would be GREAT! We'll help best we can with places to stay etc. If you are headed to BC - which you must - we will help with your route - Derek knows BC very well.

    Ok - so now we have to get together in person so that we can go over this. Gas is not great but not always that bad....

    It's a long way but so much to see. We did 10,000 miles two years ago - BC to Florida and back.

  2. Just a thought to throw into the mix. Central Canada is rather boring to drive through. Days and days of prairies. You "could" split your Canada trip into two trips, one to the west and one to the East, both accessed from the USA where gas is more reasonable. It could also be easier on the budget. Just a thought

  3. Croft's idea is what I did two years is so great allocate lots of time in those eastern provinces!!! Les

  4. Gas is $2.999 in Phoenix, at least yesterday. Let's see, split the grey water tank into two smaller tanks? Make one convertible.

  5. What Croft said! Don't overlook Corp of Army Engineer parks. Usually they don't have sewer, but do have dumps. Sure you must be Good Sam members, too.

  6. Great idea Croft. Send us or post a list of where you want to go in Canada and we will all come up witha plan.