Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hateful People (Warning, foul language)

I posted this article on the RvNet the other day.  I had some doubts that it would be well received but you can judge for yourself.   Just by the title alone it was a positive and uplifting article about changes in Baja and rv travel.
This is what one person wrote which got the thread closed:
As a kid, 60 years ago, my parents would take me down there form So. Cal. for fun and sun. As an adult I have always been amazed at citizens of the United States going to Mexico for any reason. If allowed, I'm sure that every Mexican citizen would leave Mexico for good for the U.S., well maybe 10 - 12 would stay but they would be equally as crazy as the U.S. citizen who go to Mexico for any reason. Mexico is a grand s--t hole.         
I thought about it most of the day and had to send a private message as I could no longer respond to the closed post.  Here is what I said:
"I wanted to say thank you for insulting my country, my family and everything we work hard for. Your statement as "another commenter" says, shows your education.

I have reviewed your posts (from all of RvNet)
and have found most if not all negative, insulting or downright mean.

I also want to thank you for having my informative thread closed. Had it not been for your big mouth, your insulting comments, and foul language, many rvers who enjoy Mexico or who would like to lost out.

Thanks again.

I would have posted this but unfortunately, because of the above, you didn't give me the opportunity."
His response was as vile as all of his posts on the RvNet. 
"Mexico IS a shit hole! If you think for a minute I'm alone in my assessment of YOUR country you are wrong, very wrong!

Your forum comment may have come to the attention of someone who felt it should be placed in the garbage because Mexico is crap!

My education? Unless you have a Phd or better from one of the top 10 world universities you are wrong again.

I guess being a Mexican looser is a bitch."
I guess he doesn't comprehend the meaning of "education".    


  1. We have learned that there are good people all over the world. There are so many good people that there is no need to communicate with the no good ones!

  2. My thinking is most folks who had been reading that thread would know right away that this contributor is an ignorant jerk and just shake their head and move on. They're just not worth the time and energy - they're already beyond reason.

  3. The contributor is an insult to humanity and not work your time to comment.

  4. The important thing Chris is that you tried!

  5. Ignorance is sad but seems to run rampant these days......

    Too bad for him that he is missing out on a beautiful, friendly and warm country! His loss!

  6. It's one of the pitfalls of the "computer age", that the miserable a**holes are now able to infiltrate into mainstream social discourse. Once upon a time, the closest you'd get to an encounter with a total idiot was when you'd drive by their run down old house, point to it and say, "We don't bother with him, 'cause he's a miserable old fart."
    And that would be that.

  7. We don't want people like that here anyway Chris......Marilyn

  8. Just because someone is educated, doesn't mean they can't be ignorant about many things too. Just a jerk, don't waste your time on him. See you soon, down here in s_______ Jalisco, where the sun shines bright, the people are warm and friendly and the drinks are cold. Love ya Chris.

  9. I think the word "Bigot" is accurately portrayed by your RVnet poster.