Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Party - La Posada

Looks like we're recovering from our week in McAllen.  Yesterday I got up early and went to town for a haircut.  Came home and off we went to a school play.  Our great-nephew wants to be an actor.  His high school put on a Pastorela or Christmas play.   Here are the main actors below.  Adrian is the second from the right.  It was funny, serious, and told the true story of Christmas and the fight between good and evil.  On the left is Satan(a) and Saint Michael.

Here's our actor in the family. 

We went to the house in town after the play and had lunch and took a nap.  We had our family Christmas party or Posada to go to.   The house sits empty most of the time so it was cold, I couldn't read that damn little screen on the remote control for a/c system to get it into heat mode.   It is very cold here and as I write this on Sunday morning it is 6C here at the house.  The water heater lit without a hitch but the water pipes are clogged up and water barely trickles out.   When we get home in January we will have to have some maintenance done not to mention our place out here on the ranch.   It never ends.

We headed off to the Christmas party.   We had 91 people confirmed out of 120.   That is the total of Juan's family just from his mom and dad.   Yikes.   I thought we had a big family with ten kids and offspring.   Everyone signed up to bring a dish or contribution in form of silverware, plates, glasses, salsas, etc.   It was truly a big bash.  We brought a cupcake cake for 100 people.  

Three years ago when I started the monthly parties and the first all-family Christmas party, I insisted we keep it traditional with a posada.   Here, one group is outside the gate asking for posada, they ask by singing . . . .

We're on inside the gates and we are answering them, offering them posada . . . .

Now we can open the gates and let them in, where we offer food and drink for everyone.

Photo taken in front of the tree at nephew Edgar's house.

We left the party at 11 p.m even though things were still going strong.   With the house in town not up to par to spend the night, we opted to drive home.   Neither of us had anything to drink.  The alcohol checkpoint are in force and they move around at a minutes notice (carousel).   No worries and we got home just fine.   We finished the night with a nightcap.   


  1. looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks again for the hospitality while I was in McAllen Mission or wherever we were in the RGV. Hopefully we can get together again sometime. Still haven't decided where to land after Christmas.

  2. At least you start the posada with the original intent.....not just an excuse for a party!

  3. Looks like fun!

    I am happy to see you recovered from Alamo! It took us a couple of days as well. The MH is fixed and we are on our way to New Orleans.

    Mike passed us with a wave today in the Miata, I think he is on his way to San Antonio.

    Have fun and keep us up to date. We miss you guys!