Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ETD 0700 Hours 12.21.13


Getting things ready for take off on Saturday.   We will spend Christmas in San Miguel de Allende and then move on to Valle de Juarez and Hacienda Contreras.   Not in a hurry and not sure where we will end up.   This will be a short trip as we have our New Year planned to prepare for the Canada trip.   So far it is still on and only time will tell.  

Lots of things to do this week and we will be talking with our American and Canadian friends in the next few weeks to pick up tips for that five month trip.  

We already have some ideas for 2015 like buying a used Class B and going down to South America.  Lots of changes are taking place now in our lives and many more to come.  The key is to stay the course (I've heard that before!

Today I will be working on the rv storm door.  The one we made last year didn't last and mostly because I didn't take good care of it and I also didn't apply enough velcro to hold it.   Cleaning inside, outside, the tanks, etc.   I need to get going.  I can't wait to head over the mountains (I hope that transmission is really fixed).

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  1. Pretty exciting!

    Hoping that we'll be able to catch up with you in Canada cuz I don't think it will be in the USA this year - sadly! Although we may still be roaming around Texas come February.

    Have a good trip! We'll be watching!