Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Save Some Money - Take The Libre

Pictures say a thousand words so I'll leave it at that.  We have been using the libre between both Laredo and Reynosa the last few months while I have been teaching a course in Texas.   The two highways run parallel to their respective autopistas.  The highways are in excellent condition, there is no charge and there are plenty of places to stop along the way for a rest, bathroom break or fuel.   All the Pemex are new and their bathrooms are in very good if not excellent condition.  

We returned from McAllen and took the libre.   Great scenery, wonderful highway and we stopped twice, once at a Super 7 for some excellent breakfast tacos and coffee, then later for a bathroom break in General Bravo for a bathroom break and to buy the newspaper.   Once we arrived to Cadereyta, we avoided the two smaller tolls by taking the back highway around Monterrey which heads south to Allende and Linares which takes you south to Ciudad Victoria or west to Hwy 57.  We passed federales as well as state police on patrol.   Just as much traffic as the autopista but you can take your time and enjoy the views.


  1. Sounds good to me. Several times we took the libre down south and were impressed - although winding, the surface was often better than the toll highways!

  2. Might try that on the way home!!!!Marilyn

  3. I was once told toll fare prices was set by the condition & amount of use of the nearby libres. In other words if the condition of the libre is good &/or traffic if not overcrowded, the toll price is low. If condition of the libre is bad &/or super crowded with traffic, the toll is expensive. This process removes the incentive to avoid the toll roads. Maybe you have heard of it or know differently. Enjoyed your post.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico