Friday, December 6, 2013

Keeping Warm In RGV

Croft and Norma were here when we arrived yesterday afternoon.  They have their patio all set up and ready to entertain.   We had snacks and chatted for awhile before taking a nap.   After, we went back for happy hour and a long chat.   Gotta love being with people who have something to say.

Last night we were still on for South Padre Island.  We could weather the cold by shopping, walking on the beach all bundled up and hunker down for the cold.   This morning after going to the gym, I stopped by Croft's rig.  He opened the door and we both pretty much shook our heads.   We decided to stay put for the weekend.

We had a great breakfast here at home.  Juan made the tortillas and eggs and Norma whipped up a big batch of fried potatoes.   That held us over until lunch when we took off for La Feria for lunch at Don Beto's.  They have the best food in town.

Back for an afternoon nap and I did some typing after.   I went to two libraries to see if I could print a document but they close at 6 p.m. on Fridays.  Who knew.   Came home and we are now watching the news from Monterrey and having a drink.   I think our neighbors are entrenched in a curling tournament.  I received an email from Wandering Mike just now.   Funny, at lunch Croft had asked me about him.  I hope we can meet up this weekend.  Always fun to meet a fellow blogger.

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