Friday, December 13, 2013

Ready For The Next Trip

We got the SUV back yesterday afternoon.  We planned to stay until Saturday so we could drive around town and on the highway doing some shopping.  That way we could test the transmission and make sure we were good to go.  I didn't say anything but all night I thought we should go home today.   I didn't say anything this morning when I woke up.  I started the coffee and from the bedroom in the rv I heard, "let's go home today".   I said, "I start outside". 

We had a great crossing.  We were stopped on the bridge and a walk through.   We headed through Reynosa without an issue and at the 26 km checkpoint they asked to see the pedimento (import papers for the travel trailer) and they waved us through.   

We took the libre all the way.  It was gray and overcast, the temperature dropped to 14C and we watched the winter scenery as we passed by.  Farmers on the road with their tractors, holiday travelers heading south, it was a smooth trip and trouble free.  I even backed the rv into the gate on the first pass.  Not bad considering the rv was in McAllen for three months.   

Everything here at home is fine and we are watching PBS news and having a drink.   Who could ask for more.   We will be heading south the next weekend.   We have the turkey but I think we will be in Contreras after Christmas and to celebrate the New Year.

How about that, two turkeys, coffee, and 1.75 lt bottle of vodka fit in the freezer!
Wandering Mike and I, check out his blog.  He says he will be posting again soon!

I want to give  a big thanks to Croft, Norma and Mike (Wandering Mike) for the rides to the mechanic during the week.   We had dinner out with Mike last night and another round of talks afterwards at our place.   I am sending these proposals to world leaders also :)  We had a great week together.  Thanks again!


  1. OMG! I missed a Summit Meeting! I hope Mike held his own! Somehow I think he did.

  2. I am glad to see the repairs held and you got the trailer home safely. It turned out to be the best choice.

  3. Glad you had such a good week! You guys look great!! Hope all goes well with your truck and trip south! Can't wait to ride along…...

  4. Thoughts are things! Glad you got home so easily! Could you cc me a copy of those proposals :)

  5. The necessities of life right there in your freezer!!! Marilyn