Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Working Hard and Getting Ready


Early start today.  The days are ticking away.   I took the piece of %&% Suburban furnace out from under the refrigerator today.  We don't use it any more since Sal installed the direct gas line for our Mr. Heater.  We used the Mr. Heater in McAllen every night.  Works great and puts out a ton of heat while using little heat.  I took out the Suburban today because we saw a little water creeping out from under the fridge last week.  There is a panel under the shower that opens and I took it off but all seems good.  After removing the furnace, I saw that one of the water lines to the water pump was lose.  I tightened it and checked all the others.  There is no water damage from the fridge or the shower on the other side so I guess we'll have to try it and see what happens.  That furnace is a PIA to take out and put back in.   My dream is to be able to order a travel trailer someday with the options I want and don't want.  One is no built in furnace, and the other is roof air conditioning.

Then I took out all our rugs and put them on the patio and took the power washer to them.  I used a little laundry detergent and they came clean.  Then I got side tracked.   I noticed that the grout on the patio tile looked awful.  It was black and dirty.   So I spent the next two hours scouring the tile and all the grout in between.  Looks brand new and shiny.   

One other project I am having trouble with is cutting the new plastic sheet to make the storm door.  One thing I have noticed about rvs is that you may be available while you are in your rv, but with the door closed nobody knows.  I think have a storm door in winter allows you to keep the door open and the house warm.  The other solution and one I think would be great is to have a colored, laminated sign.  Red on one side, and green on the other.   Red means not available and green means, "feel free to knock".  Red would be good when you are in your skivvies, taking a nap or a shower, or maybe you just don't want to be disturbed.  It would avoid any uncomfortable situation.

Tomorrow, vacuum the trailer, wash the floor and repack the cabinets.  This baby is ready to roll!


  1. Safe travels!!!I like your shortform PIA....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Juan....Stan & Marilyn La Cruz

  2. Lots of work to be done, right? Hehe! It's nice to know that you're having regular maintenance for your furnace and air vents. Whether it's for your RV or for the house, it's best to have regular cleaning and maintenance for HVAC units. If they're energy-efficient, you'll enjoy less to pay for bills in the future. Thanks for the post! :)

    Oksana Irwin @ WestCan4U.com

  3. It's hard to look for a specialized RV, but I guess you can customize one with your skills. You're doing pretty great in maintaining your air vents and furnace for your vehicle. I do hope you're doing the same for your HVAC unit at home. Anyway, how are you now? :)

    Launce Newlove @ HarrisAireServ.com

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  5. I agree that you should have your HVAC system checked regularly. You’re always on the road, and it would be quite a hassle if it suddenly broke down in the middle of your trip. At the very least, you could address some problems, or badly needed repairs during long stopovers. Thanks for sharing!

    Will Merritt @ Patterson Heating & Air, Inc.