Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Keeping Warm and Having Fun


 The sun does shine once in awhile!  We have had some pretty windy and rainy days.  People here still know how to have fun.  We have been going into town, to the market, a trip to Sahuayo to the Soriana and the bank to make some payments.  Kind of like the mailman, we all seem to make it to happy hour no matter what the weather is.  You look out you window and it is like the second coming.  One by one people crawl out of their rigs, wine glasses and snacks in hand.

I had to take the picture of Sherman, Kevin and Ruths rv.  They are still in Africa and posted on Facebook that Sherman says that he is lonely.

Here we are in the kitchen at the activities room.  We took the opportunity to make huevos rancheros for everyone at the park.  A really good time had by all and the best part was after breakfast when we sat there and talked up a storm for more than an hour.   It was just as much fun as happy hour.

We all took a trip into Mazamitla for a bowl of soup at the famous hotel Posada Alpina.   Another fun outing.  You can tell though how the weather was.  We were literally walking around in a cloud. 


  1. Yikes, that's not normal weather for this time of year. Supposed to be blue sky and sunshine! Thanks for thinking of Sherman. We miss him to and tell him we'll give him a good cleanup when we get there in March!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Sorry about the blog. We went to a different internet cafe and the two computers I used kept giving me page errors. There were supposed to be more pictures and there was an order to it! So, on Thursday I will post again.

  3. Happy hour rocks.....Happy New Year...Stan & Marilyn La Cruz