Friday, December 20, 2013

Hitched Up and Ready

We just finished hitching up the trailer.  Truck is tuned up and it has been running well.  We will find out tomorrow if the transmission is really fixed :)   We will be climbing up to 6500 feet and on the famous Linares to San Roberto route which has lots of switchbacks cliffside and no shoulders!

We'll be cutting our trip short by a couple of days as we received a call today for a job in the frontera, good pay for three days and it will pay for the $1800 house repairs and the $750 transmission job.  That was a drag.  But that is done now.  Getting ready for Christmas cheer.  I don't get bummed out but I sure do have a lot of good memories as a kid from Santa Claus to my life today.   More tomorrow, we should make it to Guadalcazar, SLP, normally we would stop at Matehuala but we will boondock tomorrow night.  They have a couple ciber cafes there and we can use the internet.  


  1. Have a good trip and Merry Christmas. What is that wood structure in the distance, just over your head in the new banner photo? It looks like a wood flume for delivering water. I don't think it is a dam, or path or roadway. Looks old. Where was the picture taken, maybe I could find the spot on Google Maps?

  2. Safe travels. Let us know when you arrive, but of course you will.