Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pictures of Our Trip - Home to SMA


Okay, so here we were the other day driving through our great state of Nuevo Leon.  Same scenery as we headed over the mountains from Linares to San Roberto which is the connection to Hwy 57 or Mexico City and all points south.   Each trip though the pictures change depending on the season, weather, and time of day.  

Isn't this just beautiful, the valley as we made it over the mountains and our descent to Hwy 57.  This a great route and one that you can take all the way from Reynosa or Laredo without every having to go into Monterrey, with or without taking the toll highway from the border.  Not sure why people want to miss such great scenery.

I can't post a blog without a food pic.  Here we are at the intersection which goes to Dr. Arroyo before getting to the 57.   Some small loncheria we saw and they served up some mean tacos de machacado and cold drink for 45 pesos.   That did the trick until we made it down to Santa Maria del Rio where they have the famous biscuit with black beans,  sliced turkey breast, manchego cheese and pico de gallo. 

Our first stop for gas in the parador San Pedro.  The place was a zoo.  There were literally hundreds of paisano cars with all their gifts and used junk packed on top that they are bringing home.   We gassed up and got out of their quick.   Too much discombobulation for me.

 We made it to our great boondocking spot along the 57 in the pueblo magico of Guadalcazar, SLP.  We parked at the first plaza into town and walked a block to the center of the town and asked the police if we could stay overnight.  They always say yes so we put out the slides and set up.  I only put the hitch down not the stabilizers.   We spent a nice evening in the town walking around and a great visit with one of the oldest families there.  Their house dates back over 400 years and they have a tradition of throwing a town Christmas party.   I'll do a separate post on that as there is some amazing history and information.

Here we are crossing state lines from San Luis Potosi to Guanajuato.  We knew we were close to SMA and that is where we are now until Thursday morning when we head to Valle de Juarez.


  1. Hi Chris and Juan. Mo and I want to wish you both a very Merry Christmas. Wish we were there, but a six year old (almost) granddaughter is sure a lot of fun right now.

  2. That drive is gorgeous. Done it with both the little blue car, and the motorhome!

    Merry Christmas guys, and the best for 2014. Hope we can see you in March!

    Hey, how is the solar setup working??


  3. well you got half way down before you mentioned food...enjoy my town sorry I missed you safe and blessed travels les