Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Still Here And Waiting

The weather is slowly improving.   It is still gloomy and gray.   My cold is not making things better.  On a brighter note, they say things come in threes so that has happened and we should be good to go after this.  The third thing was a problem with the house in San Antonio but we've got that under way.

We invited Mike, Croft and Norma out to eat and it was a pretty good place.   El Dorado is right here in Alamo.  Good food, Mexican/American/Seafood.   We had a wine and beer with the dinner.  After, we couldn't help but get together for a chat that lasted till after 11 p.m.   I think we have a proposal to send world governments and hope to get that off this week :)

So here we are having fun while we wait.   I didn't go to the gym yesterday so I need to get that done plus I feel like going for a long walk somewhere.   I don't know how these people who stay in their rvs for months on end do it.   I need to get outside.


  1. Yes, we just had to do that One Last Night! Mike and I discovered we are pretty good singers!

  2. Even here on the beach many stay inside their RV's. I just don't get it. Good luck with the repairs.

  3. Just be sure not to make that long walk off a short pier! :o) Hope both you and the car are up and running in top-notch shape soon.